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Brooklyn Letters Reading Tutoring Services

By June 6, 2013Blog

Brooklyn Letters provides reading tutoring services in the convenience of your Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens home. Our reading specialists teach decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) using the Orton-Gillingham mulit-sensory approach, including the Wilson Reading System, as well as aid in the mastery of reading fluency and reading comprehension. Our reading specialists are trained to help your child become a confident and successful reader. Whether your child has dyslexia, difficulty decoding words, or trouble with reading comprehension, we work with children, of all ages, and adolescents improve their overall reading abilities. With a Brooklyn Letters reading specialist, your child will be working with a highly qualified professional with academic training and experience in schools working with those with literacy difficulties.

Contact us to be matched with one of our highly qualified reading specialists and set up a reading evaluation, if needed, for your child today!

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