Home Visit Directory The majority of the speech, language, and feeding therapists and reading tutors travel to your Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk) school or home. The professionals below travel to your home and some of these professionals, in addition to making home visits, have offices (see the office directory). Other Brooklyn Letters professionals do not make house calls and prefer to work in their offices.

Annette Hernandez, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

    • HOURS: Thursdays 10-8
    • LOCATION: South Slope
    • TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, parent consultations, family sessions.
    • EXPERTISE: Cognitive-behavioral therapy, child/adolescent therapy, evidence-based treatment
    • AGES: Birth-50
    • CONTACT: [email protected] & 917-519-3082
    • PAYMENT: Private Pay.

Carolyn Kessler, Ph. D., Child Psychologist

    • HOURS: Home and Office Visits: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • LOCATION: 406 7th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn
    • TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, Consultation to parents and schools, Assessment.
    • EXPERTISE: Cognitive Behavioral therapy, parent training, autism spectrum disorders/developmental and learning disabilities, anxiety and mood disorders, behavioral disorders, potty training, assessment (diagnostic and neuropsychological)
    • AGES: All ages of children and adolescents
    • CONTACT: [email protected]
    • PAYMENT: Private Pay.
    • Richard Kahn, M.S., Registered Dietitian

      • HOURS: Services are available the first Saturday of the month.
      • LOCATION: Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo
      • EXPERTISE: Feeding problems and underweight all types of children.
      • AGES: 6 months to 5 years old
      • CONTACT: [email protected] & 917-232-5373
      • PAYMENT: Private Pay.

      Laurie Yankowitz, Ed.D., Educational Therapist

          • HOURS: Flexible, evenings and weekends.
          • LOCATION: Your NYC home.
          • TYPE OF SERVICES: Assessment of learning and behavioral challenges; development of instructional and behavior plans; reinforcement of academic goals; skill development to support increased independence at home and in the community, including cooking, travel training, shopping, household chores, instructional and recreational apps for ipod and ipad; self-regulation strategies to address anxiety; individual and small group work with individuals and families to continue interventions without therapy.
          • EXPERTISE: Highly knowledgeable about Fragile X Syndrome, autism, and intellectual disability; services for adults with developmental disability; familiarity with ABA, SCERTS, TEACCH, video modeling, social stories, positive behavior support, and visual schedules.
          • AGES: Three through adulthood.
          • CONTACT: [email protected]

      Meghan Hinman, M.A. MT-BC, LCAT, Music Psycho