The Sterling School
299 Pacific Street
The Sterling School teaches boys and girls with dyslexia and ADD to become successful students and adults. They use the Orton-Gillingham method in combination with a one student to one tutor approach in a warm friendly environment.

Hebrew Academy of Special Children
5902 14th Ave
Brooklyn’s Hebrew Academy for Special Children provides educational and clinical services to individuals from infancy through adulthood, who exhibit developmental delays. HASC is a non-profit non-sectarian agency, who provides a wide range of supportive services to children with special needs. HASC is guided by creativity, compassion and motivation to strive and make a significant impact in the lives of their children.

The League Treatment Center
30 Washington St
The League Treatment Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit internationally recognized agency for diagnosis, treatment and education of children and adults with psychiatric and developmental disabilities. They provide critical services for 500 at-risk and underserved children and adults from all parts of the greater New York City area.

Mary McDowell Friends School
20 Bergen St
Mary McDowell Friends is a Quaker school providing a highly successful alternative to
mainstream schools for students who are average to above-average intelligence and have been diagnosed with a learning disability. Mary McDowell Friends provides
language and occupational therapy to students with a high staff-to-student ratio ensuring that students receive individualized instruction to meet their needs. They teach with Quaker values, emphasizing the role of the individual as an important part of the community.

St Francis De Sales School for the Deaf
260 Eastern Parkway
St. Francis’ instructional program is guided by Reuven Feuerstein’s theory of Structured Cognitive Modifability and implement the New York State Curricula in all academic areas. This theory of development, assists children in becoming active learners by emphasizing mediated learning experiences as a structural tool for building cognitive skills. Mediated learning lessons are planned throughout the instructional day in all grades and in all subject areas. The application of this theory is also carried out in grades four to eight through the Instrumental Enrichment Program which focuses on the development of specific cognitive skills.

Shema Kolainu Hear Our Voices
4302 New Utretcht Avenue
Shema Kolainu is a school and center for children with diverse programs to help children with developmental delays, autism and other disabilities: including evaluations and therapy (psychological, vision, hearing, nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, developmental, and special instruction). Shema Kolainu also provides quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and therapy programs for children with autism.