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NYU Language Study: Speech Development

By December 5, 2012Blog

Dr. Susannah Levi and the Acoustic Phonetics & Perception Lab at NYU are interested in finding out how people listen to voices and understand who is talking and also how this skill relates to language ability. If you would like to participate and if your child meets the qualifications for participation, your child will do several short tests that require them to listen to words or sounds and answer some questions about them. Children will also complete a few standardized tests of memory and language.

Recruiting native English-speaking children, ages 6 to 11

  • With no known language problems
  • With Language Learning Disabilities or Reading Difficulties (also referred to as specific language impairments, developmental language disorders, or language delays)
  • What you and your child will do:

    • Listen to voices over headphones and decide who is talking
    • Listen to short sounds and answer some questions about them
    • Take a hearing screening
    • Take standardized tests of language, memory, and reasoning skills
    • Fill out a questionnaire which will include questions about your child s
      developmental history and language experiences
    • What you and your child will receive:

    • Your child will receive small prizes throughout the study. Upon completion
      of the study, your child will also receive a certificate, a T-shirt, and $120
    • The whole study will take approximately 7 hours and happen over a 3-6 week period in 7-10 different sessions. Each session will last 30-60 minutes, and will take place at a convenient location.*

      If you are interested, please contact Dr. Susannah Levi at [email protected] or (212) 998 5676.

      The parent consent form and parent questionnaire can be found at:

      Lab Webpage:

      *The location of testing is flexible and can take place at or near your home or in New York City at the NYU Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, 665 Broadway, 9th floor.

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