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Is Huntington Learning Center Right for Your Child?


The Huntington Learning Center, founded in 1977 by Dr. Ray and Eileen Huntington, is a franchise of educational learning centers in the United States. It is known as the earliest on-site tutoring service in the U.S. before opening its second facility in 1978. The center offers tutoring services and assistance in phonics, vocabulary, reading, studying and organization, writing (GED), science, and test prep for ACT, SAT, SAT/NMSQT, and many more.


Why the Huntington Learning Center?


The Huntington Learning Center employs highly specific evaluations to look at the strengths and shortcomings of a learner. Based on these results, the student is given a tailored tutoring plan,  and parents are requested to participate in the entire process to ensure that their child also receives adequate support and motivation at home.

Huntington is known to help their students retain more knowledge, making their pupils excel in their current levels and allowing them to be well-prepared for the following academic year. Huntington Learning Center has been reviewed by the Chicago Public Schools, The Los Angeles Unified School District, the Indiana Department of Education, and many others. It has been rated as the best tutoring service with a very high success rate.


Specific plans

Huntington Learning Center’s customized approach to services for its pupils distinguishes them from so many other academic and tutoring services. Through their on-board assessment, the child’s learning deficits are identified, which becomes the basis for his or her customized learning plan.

Routine Interaction

Two times a week in the school year—and most often in the summer — the kids are diverted to a program, which keeps the new information they’ve learned fresh in their minds for the whole year. Most high school students who have undergone tutoring by the Huntington Learning Center saw marked improvement in their ACT and SAT scores.

Tutors from Huntington work with the teachers of your child

Huntington Learning Center tutors connect with the student’s teacher (with permission from the parents and school) to ensure that the tutoring lessons the child receives is aligned with his or her curriculum and current progress in school. This also allows the tutors to keep teachers updated as well as help parents gain a better understanding of their child’s needs. This promotes a sense of synergy so the child has the same success in the tutoring program as well as in the classroom.

Disabilities in learning

Huntington tutors can also develop an enhanced learning experience to meet the individual needs of the learner, particularly students with ADHD or other recognized learning impairments.

Credentials of tutors

Huntington tutors have four years of university degrees, a Huntington certificate, or other authorized programs recognized by Huntington Learning Center and other educational institutions.

Results of the student

After three months of Huntington tutoring, students typically gain an average of:

  •  2+ reading and math grade levels
  • A 5.3+ gain in the ACT point and
  •  Increasing the SAT point by 226+.


Huntington Learning Center

Is Huntington Learning Center a good fit for my child?


You may want to keep some things in mind before deciding on whether a professional tutor such as a Huntington tutor or a private tutor is what your child needs.

Feedback and testimonials from parents who have availed tutoring services from Huntington or other companies can be valuable, especially in answering some basic questions you might have. Although not all experiences are the same for everyone, this can still give you a clear idea of what and what not to expect. Consider their suggestions and recommendations.

If you’re looking at the costs of a private or professional tutor, compare tutoring service providers in review sites. By doing so, you can check whether the pricing is competitive with other learning centers.

Make sure all prices and charges are communicated in advance (including evaluation fees, if applicable) so that no surprises are presented before a full tutoring program is committed.

To identify the ideal teacher for your children, a thorough vetting procedure should include whether you select a private teacher or a tutoring center like Huntington Learning Center. This is to ensure that your child is matched with the best possible tutor who can help maximize his or her learning experience.



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