A neuropsychological evaluation covers all areas of child’s functioning, including intellectual skills (IQ), academics, attention, executive functioning, working memory, processing speed, memory, language, visualspatial/visuoconstructional skills, sensorimotor/fine motor dexterity, adaptive/life skills, and psychological health. This type of evaluation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of all factors that may be impacting a child’s functioning in school, at home, or other social settings. Children and adolescents are typically referred for a neuropsychological evaluation by a parent, medical doctor, teacher, school psychologist, or other professional for one or more of the following reasons.

  • Suspected developmental or intellectual delay
  • Difficulty with academic functioning/need to determine if a child qualifies for academic accommodations
  • Difficulty with attention, hyperactivity, adaptive behavior, socialization, and/or emotional control
  • A history of neurological or developmental difficulty known to affect the brain and/or brain systems (e.g., epilepsy, perinatal toxic exposure, a metabolic disorder, possible autism spectrum disorder or AD/HD diagnosis)
  • A brain injury from head trauma or another type of physical stress
  • It is necessary or desirable to document a child’s current functioning (a baseline ) and/or measure progress or change over time
  • Diagnostic clarity is desired

For more information about pediatric neuropsychological evaluations, see: Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluations: FAQs

Dr. Whitman is a New York licensed clinical psychologist who performs pediatric neuropsychological evaluations. She lives with her husband and son in Park Slope.

CONTACT: lindsay@brooklynletters.com, 347-560-1399, www.lindsaywhitmanphd.com
PAYMENT: Private pay only. Dr. Whitman does not accept insurance but is happy to provide a receipt for out-of-network insurance reimbursement at the end of the testing process. Dr. Whitman asks for payment in three installments. Cash or check accepted.
HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
LOCATION: 99 Madison Avenue- Suite 407 New York, New York 10016.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults.
EXPERTISE: Dr. Whitman is trained in the evaluation of learning disabilities, developmental delay, intellectual disability, language disorder, attention/executive functioning related difficulties (AD/HD), autism spectrum disorders, and cognitive difficulties secondary mood/anxiety. She also has specialized expertise in the evaluation of children with epilepsy/seizures, traumatic brain injury/concussion, and potential prenatal toxic exposure (e.g., alcohol, lead).