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Dyslexia Parent Support Group, 4/3, 8am-10am, Prospect Heights

By March 31, 2012Blog

As a mom of an 8 yo daughter who has a reading disorder (dyslexia) I am starting an informal parent-led support group for parents of children with dyslexia. In the three years since my daughter was flagged as a struggling reader (and one year since she was officially diagnosed) I have tried to sort out the best way to help her and, in turn, advocate for those services with the DOE. Much of the information and support I have received has been from fellow parents, who often have felt just as isolated and confused.

If this sounds like you please come to our first meeting at my apt.:

Tuesday, April 3
8am-10am (fine to come late or leave early)
135 Eastern Parkway, #8a (between Washington and Underhill, @ Brooklyn Museum 2/3 subway stop)
(There is construction on my street so parking on my block is iffy)

Please RSVP to [email protected] if you plan on coming. Feel free to forward to other parents.

Issues this group might cover:
When to pursue a neuropsych evaluation
Most appropriate schools for my child (from K-12)
Services, tutors and camps that work
Success with various legal services
Strategizing interaction with DOE & child’s school

At this first meeting I hope to cover the following:
Collecting contact info. for group list
Immediate attendee issues (need advice for upcoming DOE meeting; need an attorney ASAP)
Getting to know each other
Best way to communicate online (FB, Yahoo or Google group, etc.)
Other logistics

Hope to see you next week!
Bay Brown

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