The speech, language, feeding, and literacy team travel to your Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk) home or school. Some of these professionals, in addition to making home visits, also have offices. Other Brooklyn Letters professionals prefer to work in their offices and do not make home visits.

We bring activities, materials, and/or toys to your Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island or Long Island home. Do you want us to provide you and your child with homework and/or carry-over activities No problem! Parents and their children who actively engage in the educational/therapeutic process, typically see more progress. For those parents who are unable to be present during ongoing sessions, we will contact you during our business hours to discuss with you how your child is progressing.

Home Visits

The Brooklyn Letters experienced reading/literacy specialists work with all ages (preschoolers through adolescence), travel to your home (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau & Suffok)), or and several have office locations, see below. Brooklyn Letters offers professional reading and writing support from passionate, warm, and experienced educators. Our staff has academic training and professional experience working in schools teaching students with literacy difficulties; tutors typically don’t have these qualifications. We understand what causes underlying literacy learning issues, and we provide decoding and encoding services, Orton-Gillingham support, and facilitate reading fluency and reading comprehension. Our staff provides standardized reading tests to measure progress.


The majority of the speech language therapy and evaluations we provide take place at families NYC homes or the students schools. We travel throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Here’s more info. about our speech therapy and reading staff.

Our speech language therapy staff also offers office visits throughout Brooklyn and one has an office in Manhattan.

347-394-3485 & [email protected] (immediate response) for speech language therapy or literacy/reading specialist inquiries.