Our son, Logan, has been working with Cathy Edwards for just over a year now. Logan’s twin sister, Audrey, has had the pleasure of Cathy’s care a slightly shorter time than that. Through the last year, we have noticed a definite improvement in all areas of the twins communication skills including verbal comprehensability, aural comprehension and overall learning skills including reading. Some of this can be marked back to inherent developmental growth and change in schools, but a large part we believe to be due to Cathy’s good work. The twins worked with another SLP for years and, although a wonderful person and therapist in her own right, her play-based approach often made improvement in the kids hard to gauge.

Cathy’s approach is much more traditionally pedagogic and started with her conducting many diagnostic tests to get a clearer baseline read/picture of the kid’s abilities and issues. From there, she developed a very well-reasoned course of therapy for both Audrey and Logan and they continue to benefit from Cathy’s skills and experience. Beyond her obvious professional expertise, Cathy has proven to be a kind and caring therapist and has extended herself when asked to participate in team meetings with our son’s school. Cathy has also referred us most recently to an OT that we are beyond happy with, further proving her commitment to the overall well-being of her students.

In summary, we consider ourselves very lucky to be working with a SLP of Cathy’s professional expertise and personal quality.

Toni & Tim